ProTip Ventures into Bitcoin Micropayments for Online Tipping

A number of companies have been looking into bitcoin micropayments as a means for funneling donations or tips online. After all, the cryptocurrency promises lower transactions costs compared to traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.

Online tipping can be made to express appreciation for an artist’s work on the internet, such as a good music album or digital art piece. The problem, however, is that users encounter friction when it comes to managing several individual bitcoin tipping methods.

ProTip Bitcoin Micropayments

For ProTip developers Leo Campbell and Chris Ellis, this problem can be addressed through the use of an open source Chrome browser plugin that can allow users to send out online tips in a batch run. In doing so, they are also able to bypass the common issue of merchant adoption, which is considered one of the biggest roadblocks to bitcoin payments acceptance.

With that, ProTip users can be able to send tips through any platform, such asYouTube, Soundcloud, WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Deviant Art, and Flickr. ProTip comes with a built-in bitcoin wallet that allows the user to set a schedule for paying out his or her favorite websites in bulk at a particular time.

The plugin automatically adds the bitcoin addresses from pages to a list. Users then have control over how much they want to send to each site and can also make use of the ignore filter that stops the app from collecting certain bitcoin addresses or any address from specific websites.

In addition, users can be able to view how long they’ve spent on each site, possibly gauging how much they can tip based on this time. The app can also be used to set reminders, plan tipping budgets, switch from automatic to manual mode, and allow for small tipping amounts to be made.

wallet_address: ‘1Pagkvzv1EfnoFp6nzpuNEZHWCeyvbJriB’,
currency: ‘bitcoin’,
counter: ‘hide’,
lbl_button: ‘Tip us’,
lbl_count: ‘donations’,
lbl_amount: ‘BTC’,
lbl_address: ‘Use address below to donate. Thanks!’,
qrcode: true,
alignment: ‘bl’,
decimals: 2,
size: “small”,
color: “dark”,
countdownFrom: “20”,
element: “#coinwidget-bitcoin-1Pagkvzv1EfnoFp6nzpuNEZHWCeyvbJriB”,
onShow: function(){},
onHide: function(){}


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