NeuCoin Launches a Ready-to-Move Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

A group of developers has recently launched a ready-to-move cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers everything from provident investments to decentralized wallet services.

Titled NeuCoin, the new service-cum-altcoin seems like any other cryptocurrency, wishing to dethrone the mighty Bitcoin from its top position. But, as one digs a little deeper, he finds out things that make NeuCoin something more than a value carrying asset.

For instance: the altcoin claims to be a whole ecosystem from day one, offering people an accessible service to obtain and use digital tokens in a homogenous environment. As it openly declares, the coin wants to be taken seriously in terms of adoption, a reason why it has announced a number of distinctive — and never-seen-before — features in its announcement.

NeuCoin Features

The first and the foremost among them is MyNeuCoin, a wallet that is marketed as a fusion of Coinbase and meaning it is intuitive like Coinbase but never holds the coins of its users (like Not only it disables MyNeuCoin from having any control over the users’ funds, it also enables users to access their coins freely, with a safe yet simple login.

This feature is quickly followed by yet another distinctive service — a method that is hopefully borrowed from the banks’ provident fund schemes, where a user deposits money into his account for a specific time and, in return, receives an additional interest amount upon the withdrawal. NeuCoin literally replicates this feature in its “Growth Accounts” service.

In this service, a user is required to deposit its NeuCoin holdings into long-term accounts (3 months, 1 year or 5 years). These deposits are considered as stakes into the NeuCoin’s Proof-of-Stake mining pool, with each mined altcoin bringing a reward for its contributor. It is a pure backend process, where users are not required to pay any attention. As NeuCoin team states, this perhaps will be the first time in the crypto-space that regular consumers get to participate in mining.

It adds: “We can’t wait for the crypto community to see how this technology can be made easy and fun for regular people – the MyNeuCoin wallet, the Growth Accounts that let everyone be part of mining, and very soon GetNeuCoin that explains crypto to regular people and gives them a few coins for free.“

Other services available in the NeuCoin ecosystem include: reward-based gamings, as well as micro transaction and tipping solutions.

New Plans Announced

The NeuCoin team informed that they are planning to include some additional services to their established ecosystem. As it stated, it is planning to utilize NeuCoin tokens in  gaming, micro-tipping and pay-per-view services.

“The first NeuCoin-integrated game, coming very soon, is based on one of the most popular card games in the world and will show how to engage users by letting them earn a few NeuCoins for playing, then using them to level up or challenge their friends, etc,” the team stated. “Instead of having to pay $5 bucks to buy “in-game tokens”, which is the way most games monetize, the player actually wins NeuCoins!”

The NeuCoin team further admitted that their focus will remain to attract maximum users to their ecosystem.

Hopefully, they will!

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