Uber Bitcoin Payments No Longer Possible Thru Bitcoin Builder

Since ride-sharing platform Uber has denied rumors saying that it is accepting bitcoin transactions and clarified that this feature is not yet in the pipeline, Bitcoin Builder sought to create a workaround by offering users access to its Uber business account to make bitcoin payments. However, Uber decided to suspend this particular account this week.

Bitcoin Builder is still appealing to Uber to reinstate the account and, according to a message shared on Reddit, the company will reexamine the suspension.

Uber Payments Thru Bitcoin Builder

As it turns out, Bitcoin Builder is facilitating these bitcoin transactions by receiving the funds and then granting customers access to their business account. The user is required to enter his/her email then deposit a minimum of $10 into the Bitcoin Builder wallet. From there, the user’s personal Uber account must be linked to Bitcoin Builder’s business account from which the bitcoin payment option can be used.

Some questioned that this might be in violation of Uber’s business account policies, as this is offered to companies that are seeking to reduce transportation costs or allowances to their employees. Others say that Uber is against the company requiring a minimum deposit and maintaining balance, turning the app into a prepaid service.

Uber and Bitcoin Builder haven’t issued any official statements as of this writing.

According to the message Bitcoin Builder shared, customers who have made deposits can be able to get a full refund of their balance anytime. However, the company appealed to users to wait for a few more days in case they are able to reach an agreement with Uber itself.

So far, Uber hasn’t shared any updates on whether or not they’re looking to accept bitcoin payments anytime soon, although many are hopeful that this feature can be added due to popular demand. For now, drivers are being creative with asking for tips or donations in bitcoin by posting their wallet QR code inside their vehicle or giving away business cards with the code.

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