Amazon Dark Bitcoin Black Market Updated

Amazon Dark

Amazon Dark, a Bitcoin black market not affiliated with, Inc and following in the steps of the seized Silk Road market, released a major update on September 19th.

The update, which is targeted at both buyers and sellers, includes an improved interface and some features which have not been seen on a Bitcoin black market until now.

One such feature is a “stealth mode,” which disables all images for a purportedly stealthy browsing experience (if displayed drug names aren’t a concern). Despite most black market users probably avoiding ordering drugs or other illicit items at a workplace, some users may find use for this feature due to “shoulder-surfing” family members or roommates.

Another unique addition, which might be inspired by, is the ability to buy gift codes to send to a fellow illicit item connoisseur. The codes avoid the blockchain entirely, helping to maintain sender and receiver anonymity.

Many of the less unique features help both buyers and sellers. These include an automatic vacation mode, automatic order cancellation, withdrawal address confirmation, discount deal offers, item suggestions, and feedback import.

The automatic vacation mode allows buyers to know if a seller is available prior to ordering. Similarly, the automatic order cancellation returns buyer funds if a vendor is unavailable or goes on vacation after a “reasonable amount of time.”

Limited time discount deals, item suggestions during checkout, and feedback import from the Agora black market are only available to premium or paid sellers despite buyers also benefiting from their use.

At the end of the update synopsis, the Amazon Dark team thanks users by saying, “Thank you for your patience in regards to the release of this update, it has been a long time coming and we hope you all enjoy the changes.”

Readers looking for more info on Bitcoin black markets may be interested in our terminology guide and the Reddit “DarkNetMarkets” market list.

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