Vogogo Launches its Platform With Celery

On September 8, 2015, we learned that one of our leading partners – Vogogo Inc – had launched its proprietary compliance, risk management and payment processing platform with Bitcoin exchange Celery.

The announcement marks Celery as juts one in a long line of high profile digital currency clients for Vogogo, which already includes crypto incumbents such as Bitstamp, Coinbase and Kraken.

What is Celery?

Celery is a brand new bitcoin exchange, launched in July this year, that aims to offer an intuitive platform through which crypto users can buy and sell bitcoin. The company has focused on becoming the go to exchange for users new to the space, and has already transacted over two million dollars in volume through ten thousand users.

Official Statements

On the announcement, Celery co-founder, Divya Thakur, had this to say:

This release marks the first expansion of Celery outside the US. Vogogo’s unified payments, risk and bank verification API enabled Celery’s Canadian integration to be straightforward and exceptionally fast. Snowbirds, Canadian professionals and businesses that make cross-border payments in US and Canada, now have a new and highly-accessible bitcoin-based option.

In addition, Vogogo CEO Geoff Gordon stated:

Vogogo continues to position itself as a pivotal partner to the crypto industry’s largest and most influential companies as well as new, smart and dynamic organizations like Celery which are scaling rapidly and experiencing significant growth.

Options Issue

Alongside the announcement, Vogogo also reported the granting of 980,000 options to directors and officers of the company, at an exercise price of $1.20 per share – subject to a 3 year vesting period on a 33%, per year availability.

Find out more…

You can read the release here, or find out more about Vogogo and Celery.

Congratulations to both companies and best of luck going forward!

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