Bitcoin Expo in Montreal Postponed

A bitcoin expo that was about to be held in Montreal was postponed by its organizers due to the lack of sponsors for the event. This event was supposed to take place in August 21-23 at the Centre Mont-Royal.

For now, the organizers haven’t given any details on when the event might be rescheduled or if it will even take place at all. According to Leeja Murphy, a spokesperson for the event, it is unclear when the bitcoin expo might be moved.

Bitcoin Expo Letdown

While most of the bitcoin headlines have mostly focused on startups in New York or San Francisco, Montreal also boasts of a high adoption rate for the cryptocurrency. In fact, Montreal has the most bitcoin ATMs per capita, according to Francis Pouliot, a spokesperson for the Bitcoin Embassy.

“Montreal is one of the most active bitcoin cities in the world,” Pouliot mentioned. Other active bitcoin cities include London and Amsterdam where other bitcoin expo events have also been held.

According to the event outline, the bitcoin expo was supposed to include panel discussions ranging from tutorials on how to use the cryptocurrency to more advanced topics for veteran bitcoin users. It aimed to bring together many local and international pioneers of the bitcoin expo world, and a variety of businesses that offer services to local merchants. In addition, the bitcoin expo promised to help attendees grasp the magnitude of the cryptocurrency’s impact on the traditional financial system and on the near future of everyday transactions.

Admission to the event was supposedly free, as the organizers planned on relying on sponsors to shoulder the costs. The Montreal Bitcoin Expo was co-founded by Chris Chadillon, the Chief Technology Officer of Monecoin and a Computer Sciences graduate from McGill University. Montreal is also home to the Bitcoin Embassy, which is the world’s


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