Bit-X Unveils Bitcoin Debit Cards

UK-based cryptocurrency and mining trading platform Bit-X has unveiled Bitcoin debit card Bit-X Debit Card to enable users to spend their Bitcoins anywhere with ease.

Users can withdraw money from ATMs worldwide, direct from their Bit-x account containing BTC, LTC, USD, EUR and GBP. The card also supports online payments and point of sale payments worldwide. To make it even better, Bit-x has announced that it has done away with fees until September.

The Bit-x debit card is designated in either USD or EUR, and can be ordered from any country in the world. Initially, there is no verification required, but basic verification will allow users to deposit sums exceeding 300 USD of BTC, LTC, USD, EUR and GBP. Funds for usage are directly taken from users’ Bit-x wallet.

How to Order this Debit Card

The process to order Bitcoin debit card has been made very easy. Interested users have to visit, and register with a mobile phone number and a password of their choice. The next step would be to click on balance, select a currency and click on “Order Bit-x Card,” and fill a short form.

The card will be delivered in a few business days.

Upon receiving the card and the pin-code, the user can activate the card in the Bit-x account area. The owner controls the funds with embedded tracking tools at all times.

Similar to a traditional debit card, the Bitcoin debit card will feature an individual account ID number, an expiry date, and CVC2 number on the back.

With the launch of Bit-x’s debit card, a new era of Bitcoin and digital currency usability has arrived. Novice and experienced cryptocurrency users alike can enjoy spending their funds online, in shops, and from ATMs worldwide with more freedom and anonymity than a traditional bank can offer.


via Latest Bitcoin News | Crypto News | Mining Reviews – Bitcoins Channel


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